Frequently Asked Questions

Does accept checks?

Yes, our online merchant account accepts e-checks.

For mailed checks, please call or email to discuss the process.

Will take orders over the telephone?

Yes, we do take orders over the phone. This is especially helpful for those without access to a computer or feel uncomfortable using a computer.

Does sell to schools and government agencies?

Yes, we welcome orders from goverment agencies, schools, and large organizations. Feel free to contact us to discuss billing prior to placing the order.


Is it safe to paint my birdhouse?


Tips for Painting Bird Houses


To properly paint a bird house…


  • Use water-based latex paint, and always avoid lead-based or creosote paints which may be toxic to birds. Consider trying alternative, eco-friendly paints as well, or opt for natural stains rather than paints.
  • Avoid painting the inside of a bird house or around the lip of the entrance hole; growing birds may peck at surfaces and could ingest paint chips.
  • Choose natural, camouflaged colors such as gray, dull green, brown or tan to help the house blend in to its environment. If the house will be mounted in a colorful flower garden, choose more colorful paints appropriately.
  • Allow the paint to dry thoroughly for several days before mounting the house for birds to use. This will also allow potentially toxic odors to disperse before birds investigate the house.
  • When cleaning the bird house at the end of each breeding season, check for peeling paint and repaint as necessary to keep the house in good, safe condition.


Painted appropriately with safe, neutral colors and non-toxic paints, a painted bird house can be attractive to birds, while a brightly colored, highly visible house may not attract tenets if more suitable nesting sites are available. By choosing paints, colors and designs carefully, backyard birders can enjoy attractive, decorative bird houses where birds will be happy to take up residence.