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Edible Birdhouses, Window Bird Feeders

Outdoor fun for everyone!

Our beautiful birdhouses and bird feeders provide a welcome respite for our flying friends and are handcrafted using recycled and natural materials. 

Our fine selection features functional and decorative edible birdhouses, handcrafted window feeders, hummingbird feeders, bluebird feeders, and so much to compliment our variety of unique birdhouses and feeders.

Enhance the outside of your home with our designer Garden Birdhouses while attracting butterflies and bees with houses of their own.

Bird houses and feeders may be installed:

  • Hung from a tree
  • Mounted over a 4×4 post with Post Mount
  • Attached to wall, tree, or post
  • Hung under building eaves

Hobbies and Gifts:

If you are seeking a new hobby and a chance to be outdoors, try adding bird houses and feeders to your garden. Watching the birds eat, build a nest, and raise their young is a wonderful and relaxing experience.  A gift from would be welcomed by nature lovers and those not yet introduced to this fun outdoor activity.


All of our products are professionally and soundly constructed in theUSA. Many of the bird houses and feeders include guidelines with educational material pertaining to the bird or animal.

Customer Service:

We are very proud of our selection and customer service and look forward to helping you join the millions of people who enjoy providing bird houses and feeders to a wide variety of neighborhood wildlife.

Unique Birdhouses

Birdhouses are the highest quality unique birdhouses for sale online. Start your collection today!

Window Nest Box Birdhouse

Window Nest Box Birdhouse allows viewing of nesting birds from close range, right outside your window.

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